Date Night: Dole Plantation

Something Danny and I are trying to focus on in our marriage is DATE NIGHTS! Oftentimes we will go out to dinner, or ice cream, or a movie, but its not really a "date". It's more of a spontaneous hang-out time. We decided that we want to go on more intentional dates where I get to dress up l little fancier, we put away our phones, and we can focus on just having fun together. We decided to goto the Dole Plantation and I can't even tell you how much fun we had! We just walked around, looked at all the pretty flowers and all of the touristy sites, and then of course we had to try the Dole Whip. Before moving to Hawaii, we lived close to Disneyland but I actually had never had Dole Whip there before! This was my first Dole Whip experience and it was delicious! 

Lesson of the day: go on more dates + eat more Dole Whip. :) 

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Your welcome ;)

Hugs + Kissees