Personal Update: What's Really Going On


Hey friends! I feel like it's been a minute since I've done a personal update post. If you like honest thoughts and long-winded rambles, this one is for you. If you'd rather just read about health, food, and beauty, you can skip this one. ;) 

 It has been a busy month, so much is going on! I leave this week to travel for a month and I've been trying to do as many things as I can before I leave. Whenever I go home I'm also so busy catching up with friends, spending lots of time with family, and working with my local R+F team! I'm really hoping to pre-write a lot of blog posts over this next week so there's still consistent posts going up but to be honest, I'm feeling really overwhelmed with everything I'm juggling. This blogpost is basically just going to be me giving a little personal update and sharing the things that have been on my heart recently!

A year ago I thought I was busy. HAHA. A year ago all I was focusing on was my R+F skincare business and I thought that kept me super busy. Once I started Live Well With Lo, though, everything seemed to go from 50 MPH to 100! I am now juggling my skincare business, blog posts, instagram posts, collaborations, oh and writing a book. It's ALOT. I love every second of it, I really do. It's just a lot! This year I have been so much more scatter-brained since I always have about 10 projects going on. To be honest, somedays I feel like I am failing at everything since I'm not giving one thing 100%. 

I've never been so inspired in my life, but I've also never felt more afraid, stressed, and unaware of what's coming next. Somedays I just want to shut it all off. Go off the grid for awhile. Do you ever feel like that? Do you ever wish you could just hibernate for a little while? Thats kinda how I feel right now since I am really trying to give my full-attention on my book but I still have a ton of other tasks I need to get done each week! 

On another completely different side-note, I think hurricane's are plotting to ruin my life. Okay, that might be a little dramatic, but seriously. I never ever worried or cared about hurricanes until a month ago. Then, we had a big hurricane scare here, more tropical storms heading to the islands this week, and now a huge hurricane is heading to the Carolina's which I am supposed to be visiting next week! Not sure if my trip will be cancelled or not but I am praying fervently for safety for everyone in the storm's path! 

Growing up in California, we never really had any natural disasters to worry about except earthquakes which are unpredictable. I never even had to change plans because of the weather, it barely rains in SoCal! I guess I was spoiled. This hurricane season has been no joke so far and apparently it is just getting started. Yikes. 

Today I have to pack, write two blog posts, write a chapter for my book, & clean! Lots to do and finish before I head out Thursday morning. This week is going to be pretty insane because it's also Rodan + Fields annual convention! This is the first year I am missing it since I've become a consultant. I chose to not go this year so I could spend time with my SoCal team but it is still super sad for me to miss it! I have so many amazing memories at our convention's and I am going to miss all my friends that are going! Nevertheless, I'll be watching it LIVE online and I can't even wait for the new products to be released!! I have a feeling that this will be such a huge year in my team & business and I know that these new products will be a huge part of that! 

Okay, I think thats pretty much everything that has been going on in my brain recently. I'm really hoping I can simultaneously take some sort of social media break while I'm home while also keep a consistent posting schedule. HAHA. Not sure how that is going to be possible but we will see!

Thanks for being here. Seriously. I feel like you are my friend and we are sitting over some iced matcha lattes right now! Thanks for being apart of this tribe. I hope LWWL inspires & encourages you in some way today. 

PS- do you like these scatter-brained rambly posts or should I stick to the professional stuff? Let me know! <3