5 Best Beauty Buys in 2018


Okay so I know this year isn't close to being over yet but I was looking through my makeup bag the other day and thought, dang, I really love all of the products I have been using. I am not a huge makeup junkie and I definitely do not collect it. I'm the type of gal that throws makeup I don't use away because it grosses me out. I pretty much just keep to my same daily makeup routine (on the days I actually wear makeup) haha. 

But when I was going through my makeup the other day I realized that I really have stumbled on some goldmine products this year and so I wanted to share them with you all!!

If you follow me on Insta stories then you know that most days my hair is in a top knot, I'm wearing workout clothes, and I am NOT wearing makeup. Thats actually something I am trying to get better at because I love the idea of waking up and "getting ready" each morning even though I just work from home. Maybe someday I'll be at the point but as for now, I probably wear makeup twice a week! I have a super simple routine and basically only use these five products I am going to be talking about! 

1. Tarte Amazonian Clay BB cream & Tinted Moisturizer

Okay, I gotta say WOW when it comes to this product. I am not a face makeup type of gal and I usually just use my mineral peptides powder as face makeup but I decided to try this out for those days that I wanted to be just a little more fancy and I am soooo glad I did! I absolutely love this stuff. I put it on just like lotion after I finish my morning skincare routine and it is not thick or goopy and it blends in so well. A problem that I have with so many tinted moisturizers is that they normally make my skin itch a couple hours after I apply it. This one does not do that and it really does stay on all day long! I can't say enough good things about this stuff. It's a winner. I am currently using the shade 'medium-tan' because its Summer but I will be going down a shade in about a month or so!

2. Rodan + Fields Mineral Peptide Powder

If you have been following me for awhile then you have probably heard me talk about this powder a gazillion times. It's pretty much the best mineral powder that is out there! It's lightweight but has amazing coverage, SPF 25, and contains amino acid peptides which help strengthen the skin and protect it from environmental factors and aging! I use the medium shade all over my face and the bronze shade as my bronzer. This mineral powder is also very reasonably priced for what you get. If you are interested in trying this out, connect when my on instagram or shoot me and e-mail and let me know you heard about this powder through this post and I'll give you $5 off! <3 



3. Sigma Eyeshadow Primer Base

I heard about this product about 6 months ago and I am so impressed! I have tried so many eyeshadow primers that have promised to not crease or fade and they have all been disappointing. This one really does hold! I use the 'bubbly' shade which is a pretty champagne color and it just adds a little brightness to my eyes. I don't even put eyeshadow over it! I just apply this base and then mascara and I'm good to go! It's my new every day go-to and its also reasonably priced!

4. Glossier Boy Brow

I feel like this product isn't really a secret and everyone is already using it but I still thought I would talk about it since it really is a favorite of mine! If you couldn't tell already, I am a no fuss type of gal when it comes to makeup and this product is the easiest to apply brow product I have ever tried! It adds a little color and definition to my brows but it isn't noticeable and looks totally natural. I swear whenever I'm feeling a little down, a little brow definition always puts a pep in my step! haha. I have tried a few of Glossier's products but this one is by far my favorite! 

5. Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara

I discovered this mascara right before the Rodan + Fields annual convention last year and I have not tried anything else since! Mascara is probably my most loved beauty product and this is the best I have ever found. Its a little pricy for mascara but it's my splurge makeup item that I don't mind spending more on because it is just THAT GOOD. it gives volume and length, never smears, and lasts all day! If you have not tried this yet, I would highly recommend it!

I hope you love these picks and that they become some of your favorites as well! Now I want to know what YOUR best beauty buys of this year have been?! What is your current must-have?!