The best adventure outfit


Its no secret that Hawaiian sunsets are out of this world. People fly to the islands from all over the world just to see the most beautiful & colorful sunsets that paint our skies on a nightly basis. It's also FINALLY summertime in Hawaii which means that the days are longer and the sunsets are even more breathtaking. Recently, Danny and I have found ourselves hopping in the car after dinner to catch the sunset from different places on the island. This particular night, I just grabbed the easiest & comfiest outfit I had and jumped in our truck to catch the sun! 

My wardrobe has changed A LOT since we moved to Oahu from Southern California. I used to LOVE shopping, following the trends, and mixing and matching different looks to capture my personal style. These days, though, I gravitate towards simple, easy-to-wear wear and wash clothing that is timeless in nature. If you look in my closet at the moment, It consists mostly of Navy, Black, White, Grey, and Pale Pink. I pretty much only wear those colors... and STRIPES! I think I have 8 striped t-shirts. It may be a problem. 


When I found this two-piece set at a cute boutique in our town, I knew that it had my name ALL OVER IT. It's so simple but still looks like I put myself together. It's my go-to outfit for spontaneous adventures and its so comfortable that its perfect to explore in all day. I think it's important to have at least 1 or 2 "adventure outfits" that you can pull together in a moments notice so that you aren't too focused on fashion and more focused on the adventure ahead and living in the moment! I looked for so long and couldn't find the exact outfit online but I had fun scoping out some over fun adventure outfits that I'll be getting for my upcoming travels this summer!

Oh and incase you were wondering, it was an EPIC sunset that night.


Live Well,