#FridayFaves: Playlist

I am excited to start a new series on the blog where I will be sharing my current favorite things every Friday! I will be sharing different wellness products, music, recipes, beauty favorites, and so much more! 

Today I am sharing the music that has really kept be going the past few weeks. A good playlist is so powerful for me because it keeps me motivated with work during the day, pumps me up during my workouts in the gym, and also helps me wind down at the end of the day. This playlist consists of all my current favorites and I have been keeping this playlist on repeat every single day! 

Some other things I'm currently loving:

-This week's hike... In this season of life I don't take time off work very often... but when I do, its to go on adventures like this...



-Sauna Therapy: four times a week I sit in the sauna for fifteen minutes and this practice has quickly become my new obsession! I started sitting in the sauna for detoxification but now it has become a favorite for self-care, meditation, and helping me gain mental clarity. I will be doing a whole blog post on this soon! 

-My new Berkey water filter- I had been eyeing this for years and finally took the plunge this month and got one. I am obsessed! The water tastes so pure and I am aiming to up my water intake every single day. I also feel confident knowing that I'm not drinking water that is heavy in chlorine or pesticide residue (unfortunate part of living in the country near a ton of farms). 


-This Summer's travel plans- I officially have island fever and I am so excited to take a much needed trip with Danny next month! We will be headed to Southern California to see our families and then we'll be spending a week in Alaska! Anyone have any Alaska travel tips? I'd love some insight! 

Thats all for this week... Here's my playlist! I hope you love it. 

Have a great weekend!!