Adventures: Molokai

My adventures and memories from my trip last weekend might be split up in a few blog posts just because it was THAT incredible. I had no idea what to expect going into last weekend... My new friend Heather basically just said, come along! And so I did. 

If you haven't heard of Molokai before, thats probably because most people haven't heard of it. Its one of the Hawaiian islands but it is very small, very bare, and there is little to none tourist attractions there. There are only 5 restaurants on the entire island! Knowing this, I had no idea what the weekend would entail and to be honest, I was kind of nervous. I was going on an 8 person plane, to a basically empty island, with friends I had just met a month ago. A month ago, I would have called that terrifying. Today, I call it an ADVENTURE! 

I've realized recently that adventure kind of works like that. Things that are uncomfortable, scary, and risky often turn out to be our greatest memories. Since moving to Hawaii, I've realized that i've spent the last few years of my life being very comfortable. Of course there were things that terrified me, like starting my own business at 21. But for the most part, I didn't do anything too crazy. Actually, I lost a lot of my creativity that used to flow generously through me. I went to college, went to work, went to church, and got married. I didn't travel a ton, stopped playing music, and rarely got into nature. That all changed when I moved to Hawaii and I am so so thankful. 

So, here's to adventure and the never-ending pursuit of all that God created and all that life has to offer! Enjoy this video documenting our adventures! My friend Lauren made it. She is so talented! 

hugs + kissees,