ALL about the Goal-Getter Guide!

If you follow along on Instagramthen you know that I talk about having a positive mindset, setting goals, and chasing your dream on the daily! I can't help it. I LOVE seeing you gals WIN in every area of your life! I believe that YOU were created for incredible things and I am determined to help women discover their unique talents and worth and turn that into a beautiful life well-lived. 

One of the biggest areas I see women struggle is when it comes to diligence and consistency in completing goals. It's very easy to have dreams for your life, but turning those dreams into actual goals takes courage, hard work, and a whole lot of consistency! This is where The Goal-Getter Guide comes in. 

The Goal-Getter Guide will help you take your dreams and turn them into reality! This guide shares my personal goal-setting plan, productivity guide, and monthly and weekly planning system! I talk about EVERYTHING from developing a positive mindset, how to set goals, and the steps you need to take to make those goals come to fruition!

I am SO excited for you to all get your hands on this guide!! The guide is officially available starting September 4th!!! Grab your guide HERE !!


I wrote a book?!

You may have noticed that things have been a bit quiet on the blog over the last few months. There has been A LOT going on behind the scenes and keeping up with blogging just got a little too overwhelming, You see, I have been writing, a ton! I have been writing a book!!

Giving up blogging over the last few months was a really hard decision. Sometimes following your dreams take sacrifices and I knew that I needed to give this book my full attention. I knew that in the long-run it would be worth it. Now that the book is about ready to launch, I am so thankful I listened to my heart and made writing this book a priority.

What started out as the idea for a small e-book on self-care has turned into a 75 page self-love guide on how to unpack your deepest desires, release your greatest fears, and propel you into living your most fulfilled life. This book shares my health journey, my story to finding self-love, and how to take tangible steps to build your confidence, face your fears, and live a life of passion and purpose.

I am so proud of these words. This is everything I have ever wanted to say to women and I can’t wait to share it with the world!

The book officially releases January 14th (next Monday!!!) but if you pre-order the e-book version, you will be sent the book a day early!! You can now pre-order the e-book version of the book which will be emailed to you on the 13th! If you have the $11, it would mean the world to me for you to pre-order the book. Pre-orders are so important for writers because it shows them what to expect as far as the success of their book! As I have been diving into the writing world, i’ve learned that pre-orders are EVERYTHING!

You can pre-order the book HERE

The paperback version of the book will be available on Amazon on the release date!

I want to just take a moment and say THANK YOU to all of you who have supported me on this wellness journey. I am so thankful to have the most kind and supportive online community. This book is truly a love letter from me to YOU! I hope it blesses you and encourages you to pursue a life with big dreams, passion, and purpose!!

xo, Lo

A Note on Thankfulness


I’ve got to be honest. I haven’t been very thankful recently. I’ve been tired. I’ve been stressed. I’ve been feeling burned out. I have a bad habit of putting too much on my plate and just like Thanksgiving dinner can bring on a food coma, i’ve been feeling that exhaustion quite a bit recently.

How did it happen? I love to talk about self-love and self-care and how it is so important that we take care of ourselves so that we are better able to love and serve others better. I even wrote a book on it that will be releasing in January! Yet, here I am. Totally pooped.

Maybe you are like me. Maybe this has been a season of go-go-go & hustle-hustle-husltle and it’s all starting to catch up to you. Maybe you are like me and you are so passionate about your work that you lose yourself in it.

I want to tell you, like I'm telling myself, it’s okay to take a breather. It’s okay to pull the plug for a minute to gain composure. You are no good for anyone if you don’t take care of yourself.

Over the past couple of weeks I have been focusing on intentional rest. It has been amazingly freeing to set aside all distractions, to-do lists, and expectations, and just be. I am no expert at resting, but i’m learning and I want to share my journey.

Maybe the holidays have you stressing out. Maybe you are stressing out about a lack of time, finances, or peace of mind, but I want to encourage you to intentionally find some peace in your everyday. Maybe it looks like 10 minutes of meditation or simply sipping a cup of tea while reading a good book. Whatever rest looks like to you, I hope that you can indulge in some true rest and rejuvenation in this season.

What I've found is that when we allow ourselves to rest, we begin to see the little blessings all around us. When we focus on the present, our mind goes to a more peaceful state. This sparks gratitude & thankfulness.

We all have so much to be thankful for. We just need to slow down a bit to see it sometimes.

I’m wishing you all an amazing & restful Thanksgiving!

Thank you for allowing me to be honest and vulnerable. I am so thankful for all of you, my internet friends & readers!

xo, lo

Five Fall Favorites


It’s officially Fall! As i’m writing this, I’m working with the sound of rain on my windows, my calming fall playlist, and my favorite fall candle! I was putting together tomorrow’s e-mail that i’m sending out and I got inspired to share a few of my favorite things for Fall! I’m a sucker for pumpkin spice EVERYTHING and I love nothing more than cozy rainy days in my favorite sweater & a good book! Even though it’s not technically cold here in Hawaii, we have had a few rainy days and so i’ll take all the fall vibes I can get!

Here’s some of my current faves…

1. Fall Candle: i’m just going to go ahead and toot my own horn here, i’m pretty much a fall candle connoisseur. I've tried allllll the candles. I’ve tried the target Fall candles, super expensive fall candles, and everything in between and I think I have finally found the perfect fall scent! Pumpkin Clove from Cabri Blue! I picked this candle up on my trip in CA and from the moment I first smelled it, I just knew. It was love at first site. What I love most about it is that its the only good quality, amazing smelling candle i’ve gotten that doesn’t break the bank! It’s only $14! I’m probably going to go through five of these before the season is up but I don’t mind. It instantly makes my home feel cozy & warm! (PS- I added the two other scents i’ve been burning recently too!)

2. Book for rainy days: When I was thinking of the perfect Fall read, I instantly thought of this book that I read a few months back when we were in Alaska. Magic Hour by Kristin Hannah is one of my all-time favorite novels i’ve ever read. It takes place in the Pacific Northwest in one of the rainiest climates in the world and its a beautiful story about family, love, and redemption with also a little piece of mystery. It’s the ultimate book I think of when I think of cozy rainy days reading on the couch. Enjoy it!

3. Cozy Sweater: Even though I haven’t been able to wear very many cozy sweaters this season, i’m still dreaming of them! I have a few waiting in my closet for the perfect chilly day here in Hawaii. Here’s a few sweaters i’ve been crushing on recently!

4. Fall Playlist: I’ve shared my fall playlist before but I’ve added a few songs to it since last time I shared! Here’s the new version. :)

5. Face Mask: I have been crushing on this mask since it launched about a month ago! I hadn’t purchased it yet because I was traveling for the past month and knew that I wouldn’t be having any spa nights while in CA. I just placed my order for this, though, and I CANNOT WAIT to get it! I am a fan of everything Summer Friday’s has ever put out and I know I will love this mask too!

What are some of your favorite products for Fall?!

xo, Lo

Five Things You Need to Know Before Starting Your Own Business


I get a lot of questions about running your own business, starting a side-hustle, or being an entrepreneur. I absolutely LOVE having my own business and I truly can’t imagine ever not being self-employed. I think that there are a lot of misconceived notions about starting a business though, and so I wanted to address them in this post! Running your own business is not for the faint of heart and I think that many people start a business with the wrong expectations and that is why statistically most start-up businesses fail within their first year!

If you are thinking of starting ANY type of business, this post is for you! From running my own business, helping hundreds of other launch their own businesses, and studying top business leaders all over the world, I have found that these are some of the key expectations you must know and set yourself up for before starting a business!

1. You won’t feel ready to start:

I have never talked to someone who was 100% confident and ready before they started their business. Thats because starting a business is a risk no matter what type of business it is! It is very normal to feel hesitant and nervous before launching a business because you never truly know how it’s going to do until you launch it!

My biggest advice on launching your own business is to go with your gut. If you have a gut instinct that’s saying to go for it, then do it! Most people will never launch their own business (even if they want to) because of fear. DON’T let that be you! With great risk comes great reward and so don’t sit around waiting until you feel “ready” to start. Just go for it!

2. You will fail:

You will fail. ALOT. You’ll probably fail everyday in the beginning! I can’t even tell you how many times I have failed in certain areas of my business. We are humans, and especially if you are a first-time business owner, there is a huge learning curve involved! Don’t expect yourself to be a perfect right from the start and don’t let your failure hinder your efforts. As soon as fear creeps in, the game is over. Fear is a business owner’s worst nightmare, but thankfully, you get to choose that you think. If you are feeling doubt or fear creep in, it’s YOUR job to extinguish it!

When you fail, instead of doubting and letting fear steal your dreams, give yourself some grace and problem solve for the next time a conflict arises! I like the term “Fail Forward”. This means that every time you make a mistake or fail in some area of your business, let it propel you forward rather than backwards! If you look at failure as just a normal part of the process, you will have a much healthier perspective on running your own business and you will be able to learn quicker when you make mistakes!

3. If you don’t believe in yourself, no one else will:

This one is so so important. I have seen numerous businesses fail because the business owner doesn’t have adequate belief in themselves. Believing in yourself, your vision, and your goals is crucial to the success you will attain. I have seen people with amazing talent fail because they did not believe that they could truly be successful.

If you are not a naturally confident person, that doesn’t meant that you can’t succeed in your business! It just means that you need to focus on belief-building activities so that your belief in yourself will continue to grow over time. Because I know that belief is so important in the success of my business, I have developed habits that constantly build my belief in myself and my vision. when my belief is lacking, I dive into personal development. I love to read personal development books, listen to business podcasts, and journal out all my dreams and goals. These habits I have created help me to believe in myself even amidst trials and seasons of doubt.

It is YOUR job to believe in yourself. If you don’t believe in yourself, how can you expect anyone else to believe in you and your vision behind your business? It is your unwavering belief and confidence in what your business offers that will continue to grow and sustain it.

4. If quitting is an option, you will quit:

When starting anything, you need to have full confidence in yourself that you are going to succeed, no matter what it takes. Some of the most successful companies took over 10 years to see any positive profit. Any company or business takes a lot of time to grow and build if you want to have a sustainable business for years and years to come. I’m going to be straight up and say that if you give yourself the option to quit, you will quit. Many times when we start something we will think “well if it’s not working out I can always quit.” Let me tell you, if that is your mindset, there will come a time when the going gets tough and you will quit.

In business there are seasons of highs and lows, profits and losses, plenty and scarcity. Thats just part of having a business! If you give yourself permission to quit when it gets tough, I promise there will come a time when it gets tough and you will quit.

If you truly want to succeed in your business, quitting cannot be an option!

5. You must be a self-starter and self-motivator:

Being your own boss means that you have to continually motivate yourself to continue to work towards your goals in order to grow your business. Any entrepreneur will tell you that there are seasons when you don’t “feel” as motivated to work hard in growing your business. If you can’t push past those emotions and put in consistent effort despite your feelings, you will find yourself in a downward spiral.

As a business owner, it is your job to keep yourself motivated and keep trying new ways to grow your business! If you are a natural entrepreneur, this will come really easy for you. If you are not, this will be tough but it is not impossible to learn! If you are a business owner or want to be a business owner, know that it is up to you to propel your business forward. No one is going to work as hard as you in your business and so you must lead the charge!

I hope that these insights help to give you a healthy perspective on what it takes to start your own business! Starting your own business may be one of the most challenging things you ever do but it also may be the most rewarding! There is nothing like seeing your business grow after consistent effort, facing challenges head on, and overcoming doubt and fear. It is truly incredible to see people who have enough focus and determination to see their dreams come into fruition. I want that to be YOU!

Please reach out or let me know if you have any other questions about starting your own business! I love talking about these types of topics and so I hope you learned something valuable and I would to chat further about your personal dreams in launching your own business!