The Power of Positivity

This blogpost is a little more on the serious side but it is very near and dear to my heart. I wrote this post while on my flight from Hawaii to LAX and I spent a lot of time reflecting on my journey and how positivity played a huge part in that. It's a self-love letter from me to you. xo, Lo

For the past 3 years, I have had the privilege to lead a team of skincare consultants that has grown to be in the hundreds now. What started out as a team of just me has grown into a large and diverse organization of virtual franchise owners all across the US, Canada, and Australia. I am constantly learning how to be a better leader and better mentor and there are many lessons I have learned throughout the years that has made me the woman I am today. I truly believe that these past few years have primed me for the new ventures I’m embarking on now. Since diving into wellness, studying holistic nutrition, and sharing my passion for health and wellness with the world, I have realized that many of the lessons I have learned in my R+F business applies to wellness and how we create a positive mindset for yourself.


Positivity isn’t something that’s taught in school but I truly believe it needs to be. I truly believe that the power of a positive mindset is a force to be reckoned with. In leading my team, I have seen people’s skincare businesses completely explode and I have also seen businesses fall apart. What makes the two scenarios different? Mindset.

A positive mindset is like a golden ticket for life. Have you ever seen someone who just seems like they are gliding through life without a care in the world? The type of person that always see’s the world as providing limitless opportunities and never frets a roadblock because they know the best that is to come? That’s a positive mindset. On the flip side, I’m sure we have all experienced people who always have something to complain about, someone to blame for their failures, and they are never able to get ahead because they aren’t noticing any roses in their life, only thorns. What you think is what you become. Your mindset defines your life. Let that sink in.

I have seen that changing your mindset can drastically change the outcome of a situation. I will use myself as an example for this. I used to have a horrible mindset when it came to my health. As someone who has suffered many chronic health issues, there were many years where I felt like I could not get ahead. I let these trials jade my mindset. Instead of being my positive and encouraging self, I became bitter, fearful of everything that could harm me, and my health suffered further because of it. My thoughts became my reality. My fears became true. It was almost like I kept manifesting bad health to plague me because that was what I was focusing on. My focus was on what could go wrong, not on how I could heal my body. 

When I finally realized how I was self-sabotaging myself, I knew I needed to make a drastic change in my life. I began by investing into my health. Instead of being fearful of my health, I began to nurture it and speak positive affirmations over myself. I began to take added stressors out of my life, learn to say no to things that didn’t serve my body well (eh hem, gluten) I put blinders on. I had health goals, and I had the faith and the hope that I could heal my body. Instead of complaining about what I couldn’t eat or do because of my health, I rejoiced in what I could do. I began to focus on gratitude for the smallest of the things. I can walk, I can run, I have a brain that can think and a heart that can love. I am blessed beyond measure. It was these small changes that I intentionally focused on that began to heal me. Not only was I feeling healthier and more energized, but I kept making healthy lifestyle choices because I began to value the amazing body I was given, not ridicule it. I truly believe that health is a life-long journey and I know that there are ebbs and flows and good days and bad days but the reason I am able to handle the setbacks when they come, is because I have a mindset that supports me and doesn’t destroy me. 

This is the truth: If you are constantly filling your mind with negative self-talk, you are setting yourself for disaster. Reframing your mindset could be one of the most powerful things you ever do for yourself, and your future. 

I want you to think about something in your life that you have a negative mindset about. What is one thing you are always cursing about yourself or your circumstances? What do you wish you could change? Maybe you wish you were farther along professionally. Maybe you wish you had a six pack. Maybe you wish you could pregnant. Maybe you wish that you had better friends. Whatever the case may be, I challenge you to focus on what you DO have, not what you don’t. I challenge you to look at the roses and don’t get thrown off by the thorns. There will be pain in this life, I am very familiar with it. There is hardship, and trials, and hard times. I am not telling you to avoid those situations or those emotions. Rather, I am encouraging you to not let those hardships define you. You can rise past them. You can change your mindset, and in turn, change your life.