Five Fall Favorites


It’s officially Fall! As i’m writing this, I’m working with the sound of rain on my windows, my calming fall playlist, and my favorite fall candle! I was putting together tomorrow’s e-mail that i’m sending out and I got inspired to share a few of my favorite things for Fall! I’m a sucker for pumpkin spice EVERYTHING and I love nothing more than cozy rainy days in my favorite sweater & a good book! Even though it’s not technically cold here in Hawaii, we have had a few rainy days and so i’ll take all the fall vibes I can get!

Here’s some of my current faves…

1. Fall Candle: i’m just going to go ahead and toot my own horn here, i’m pretty much a fall candle connoisseur. I've tried allllll the candles. I’ve tried the target Fall candles, super expensive fall candles, and everything in between and I think I have finally found the perfect fall scent! Pumpkin Clove from Cabri Blue! I picked this candle up on my trip in CA and from the moment I first smelled it, I just knew. It was love at first site. What I love most about it is that its the only good quality, amazing smelling candle i’ve gotten that doesn’t break the bank! It’s only $14! I’m probably going to go through five of these before the season is up but I don’t mind. It instantly makes my home feel cozy & warm! (PS- I added the two other scents i’ve been burning recently too!)

2. Book for rainy days: When I was thinking of the perfect Fall read, I instantly thought of this book that I read a few months back when we were in Alaska. Magic Hour by Kristin Hannah is one of my all-time favorite novels i’ve ever read. It takes place in the Pacific Northwest in one of the rainiest climates in the world and its a beautiful story about family, love, and redemption with also a little piece of mystery. It’s the ultimate book I think of when I think of cozy rainy days reading on the couch. Enjoy it!

3. Cozy Sweater: Even though I haven’t been able to wear very many cozy sweaters this season, i’m still dreaming of them! I have a few waiting in my closet for the perfect chilly day here in Hawaii. Here’s a few sweaters i’ve been crushing on recently!

4. Fall Playlist: I’ve shared my fall playlist before but I’ve added a few songs to it since last time I shared! Here’s the new version. :)

5. Face Mask: I have been crushing on this mask since it launched about a month ago! I hadn’t purchased it yet because I was traveling for the past month and knew that I wouldn’t be having any spa nights while in CA. I just placed my order for this, though, and I CANNOT WAIT to get it! I am a fan of everything Summer Friday’s has ever put out and I know I will love this mask too!

What are some of your favorite products for Fall?!

xo, Lo