My Vitamin Routine

One of the top questions I've been getting recently is which vitamins & supplements I take! I have been hesitant to write this post because I truly feel like each person is unique and the supplements my body needs might be completely different then what yours need! That being said, the vitamins I take now are pretty universal and I have been recommending to all of my friends & family because they have really worked for me! And, you can get them off of Amazon so its a win/win! 

First, lets address a common question about vitamins/supplements. Why take them?! Well, in my studies of natural health and from years of experience healing my own body naturally, I've learned that the food we eat (even if it's healthy) does not provide all of the vitamins & minerals we need. This is because of the way our food is grown & harvested! 100 years ago, our food was grown in a much different way and the soil was much healthier and full of the micro-nutrients that we need. Nowadays though, GMO's, pesticides, and over-used soil has pretty much killed all of the micro-nutrients that used to be in our food. This means that not only does our food have less nutrients, but its also full of toxic chemicals that our body needs to get rid of.

Does this mean that we shouldn't eat healthy food?! NOT AT ALL!! Eating mostly fruits and vegetables will still provide your body with nutrients, it's just probably not enough nutrients to feed your body optimally. Don't take my word for it though, dive into the research! There are so many great resources that share about poor farming practices, GMO's, pesticides, etc. 

I also want to note that choosing locally grown organic produce is the BEST way that you can make sure your food has all of the amazing micro-nutrients you want! Spend a little time researching local organic farms in your area and join a produce coop or go-to a farmers market and buy your produce that way! Not only are you buying more nutrient-dense food but you are also supporting local farmers who use sustainable farming methods!

Okay back to vitamins...

My Favorite Multi-Vitamin:

About two years ago I went on the hunt for the best women's multi-vitamin that used whole food supplementation. This means that the vitamins are found directly from fruits, vegetables, and herbs, not chemicals. My search led me to The Synergy Company and I've been using their products ever since!

***This is in no-way sponsored or endorsed, I wish!!!  ;) They have no idea I am writing about them but I truly love their supplements and so I wanted to share!***

DISCLAIMER: I am not a doctor! I cannot tell you want is best for your body. I am just sharing what works for me! :) You should always check with a doctor if you have specific questions and especially ask if you are pregnant or nursing!

My favorite from The Synergy Company is their daily women's multi-vitamin! Why I love this one so much is because it doesn't only include vitamins and minerals but it also has herbs that support women's hormones, digestion, mood, etc! You may have heard me talk about adaptogens before like ashwagandha or reishi and those are both in this vitamin along with a ton of others! It can be expensive to purchase herbs all by themselves and so I love how this vitamin includes all of them! 

They also have a pre-natal version of this vitamin! So if you are an expectant mama, that would be the one for you because it doesn't contain any of the herbs that the regular one has. 


Vitamin D

On top of my daily multi-vitamin, I take an extra supplement of vitamin D! I have dived into a ton of research that shows how important vitamin D is for our bodies, especially women. Even if you live in sunny Hawaii like me, vitamin D is so important to make sure you are getting. I once heard from a natural health doctor that unless you are laying in the sun and getting a sun-tan every single day, you probably aren't getting enough vitamin D! So it is super important to get your levels tested to make sure you have enough! Last time I got my vitamin D levels checked from my doctor, I was super low! It was shocking to me. So now I take a couple of drops of this vitamin D every day and I just put it into my water. 

taking vitamin D has helped me with: energy, immunity, digestion, and bloating

Again, I'm not saying that every single person needs to be taking this! I'm just saying that adding in extra vitamin D has done wonders for my energy levels & immunity!! 


These are the two main vitamins that I take each an every day. I also take additional vitamins or supplements as I feel they are needed but I can do a different blog post on those if you would like me to talk more about my health routines!! I hope that you found this helpful and feel free to leave me a comment if you have any other questions or if you would like to see more health-based blog posts! :)