The Perfect Smoothie


How to make the perfect smoothie


If you know me, you know that I am smoothie-obsessed. I make a smoothie for one of my meals every single day and I have noticed huge health benefits from it! Not only is it extremely easy to make but the health benefits are endless. I also love how I can customize my daily smoothie to fit that particular day & health goals. Going on a hard workout and need extra protein? Add a vegan protein powder in. Feeling sluggish? Add vitamin D. Feeling Stressed? Add an adaptogen like Ashwagandha! The customization options are endless. 


The Perfect Smoothie

Fruit + Greens + Protein + Healthy fat+ Customizable Supplements = The Perfect Smoothie




when making a smoothie, its important to not overload it with sugary fruits. I usually add half of a banana, handful of strawberries, handful of blueberries, and acai to my smoothies. Rule of thumb- never put more fruit in your smoothie then you would actually eat in one sitting! 


Adding in greens to your smoothie is not only extremely nutritious but its also GENIUS because you can't even taste the greens! Greens also help balance out the sugar in the fruit and give your body the nutrients it needs for proper digestion. I always add either a handful of kale or spinach to my smoothies. 


I don't always add protein into my smoothies but when I do, its plant-based and low on sugar! My favorite way to get protein in my smoothies is Vital Protein Collagen Peptides. I love this because its not only a great source of protein but its also amazing support for hair, skin, nails, and your gut! I also love the Tone It Up plant-based protein and use it often. I don't eat very much meat and so adding in protein is super important for me because it keeps me full longer and keeps me from craving carbs!


When making a smoothie, I love adding in healthy fats to help keep me full for longer. Healthy fats are good for so many other reasons as well such as brain function and prolonged energy. I usually add coconut butter or avocado in my smoothie and it also helps make it creamier! 


I'm a huge fan of adaptogens! Adaptogens are special herbs that help the body adapt to different environmental stressors. I will do an entire blog post on these powerful herbs but my favorites to use in smoothies are Ashwagandha and Reishi! 

I hope this helps you in your own smoothie making! Aim to make a smoothie a day and just see how your overall health improves for the better! Making a Smoothie doesn't have to be difficult. Start small and you can always purchase different ingredients down the road once you get the hang of what you like and don't like in your smoothies. Have fun with it! I've learned all I know about smoothies from trial and error! :) 



Feel free to comment with any more questions you may have and Happy Smoothie Making!