Sauna Therapy: How I use the sauna for wellness


I am soooo excited to be talking about one of my favorite things ever today, the sauna! If you follow me on Instagram then you probably already know that I spend time sitting in the sauna religiously because I LOVE how it makes me feel! I get so many questions on the sauna: what it is, what it does, and why I like it so much, and so I thought I would do a more in-depth post sharing more about it!

Disclaimer: This is just my personal experience with using the Sauna! Each person is unique and what worked for me may not work for you! Also, if you are pregnant, you shouldn't go into the sauna so make sure you check with your doctor if you have any questions about it. :) 

I started using the sauna about six months ago after I got some test results back that showed that I had a high amount of toxic pesticides in my body. I had no idea what to do to get these toxic chemicals out of my body but my natural doctor gave me a game plan to get my health back on track. The main instruction my doctor gave me was to sit in the sauna at least four times a week. I had never sat in the sauna before and I had no idea that it could offer health benefits! I learned that our lymphatic system holds many of our body's toxins and that when we sweat, it's an easy way for the body to release toxins! There are also other ways to detoxify the body but sitting in the sauna seemed to be the best option for me at the time so I tried it out!

It took me about a week of hating it before I loved it! I remember the first time I sat in the sauna I could barely last five minutes. I felt super nauseous and light-headed and I didn't know how I could possibly stand being in such a hot and stuffy enclosed room. Even though I didn't like it at first, I stuck with it and soon enough I began to absolutely love it! 

Sitting in the sauna can be so relaxing and comforting to sore muscles too. I have worked my way up to be able to sit in the sauna for 15 minutes comfortably and every time I do it, I feel AMAZING afterwards! It took about a month or so but after a few weeks of being consistent in the sauna, my body released 10 pounds (which I think was all the toxicity my body had built up), I had more energy, and my skin was glowing!  

Now, the sauna is just apart of my daily workout routine. I usually go-to the gym and do a 30-45 minute workout and then sit in the sauna for 15 minutes afterwards. I try to go at least four times a week. Immediately after the sauna, I take a rinse-off shower and I feel soooo amazing afterwards. The sauna is not only great for your body and skin but it also can calm down the nervous system and relieve stress. 

I know that there are so many different types of saunas out there and I think they are all great. The sauna I goto is just the basic kind they have at most gyms. I have heard that infrared saunas also have amazing benefits as well and there are even at-home saunas you can purchase! The sauna that comes with my gym membership is the easiest sauna for me to use so thats just what I do. I think as long as you are really sweating, it doesn't matter much which type of sauna you use! 

Since committing to "sauna therapy" as I call it, I have truly never felt better. I can't even describe it other than if I take a week off from the sauna, my body craves it! If you haven't tried the sauna yet I would highly recommend committing to it for a month! Aim to sit in it  3-4 times a week for however long you can comfortably sit in it (don't push it) and see how amazing it makes you feel!!

If you have any other questions about the sauna, feel free to ask them in the comments below!



My Free Skincare Guide is Out Now!!


You may or may not know this but I run a skincare business and I get questions about skincare and how to take care of your skin almost on the daily! I am SO passionate about skin health and taking care of your skin! Did you know that 80% of your skin health is up to you and your daily habits? Only 20% is up to your genetics! This means that if you take good care of your skin, you will be setting yourself up for beautiful skin for years and years to come!

I truly believe that skincare is a part of self-care. Whether its using a body brush, exfoliating, giving yourself a weekly detox mask, or sticking to a skincare regimen, taking care of your skin will make you glow from the inside out! You are worth it, girl!

Since I get so many questions about skincare, I decided to create a free skincare PDF guide with my five top tips for glowing skin and a radiant complexion! I hope that this guide leads you on the right path to find the best skincare routine that works for YOU and brings you confidence in your skin from the inside out! 



Life Update: My thoughts & new direction on Live Well With Lo



I am SO ECSTATIC to be launching my new site! This has been a long time comimg and I just wanted to take a moment to share my heart on this launch, where the blog is headed, and what the future of Live Well With Lo holds. 

Where do I even begin?! Well, I have been blogging since high school and I’ve started and stopped too many blogs to count. I have had photography blogs, Christian blogs, personal blogs, fashion blogs… you name it, I’ve done it. I LOVE sharing my heart with the world because I truly think that when we share our lives, we are able to inspire others. I get SO inspired by reading blogs and following people I admire online. 

The problem I have always faced with blogging is that I get bored of just writing about one thing. One of my biggest strengths ( & weaknesses) is that I am extremely multi-faceted. I am passionate about SO MANY things. In an ideal world, I would be able to write about cooking, holistic health, self-care, fashion, faith-based content, relationship advice, productivity, motivation in the workplace, and everything else in between. I love to share what I’m passionate about and while sometimes that stays the same, my interests also change as I continue to grow as a person. 

Basically, since I have started which is now, I’ve struggled with the identity of the blog. What are my main categories? How do I stay on topic but also share what I am really going through in life? How do I maintain a cohesive brand when I want to share ALL THE THINGS?!

-Insert Epiphany-

I don’t have to be like anyone else. I don’t have to have a food blog or a fashion blog or only do health coaching. I don’t have to talk about the same thing all the time. I am allowed to grow. I love seeing what other people love and so I realized that it’s okay for me to share what I love with the world even if it is always evolving.

I am so excited about my new site re-build because it has all the functions I need to be able to talk about anything and everything! On the blog you will now be able to find specific topics much easier and as I keep adding more categories, the content produced on here will become even more diverse! 

I realize that there is a big risk involved in shifting my branding to have an all-inclusive focus. I know I have many friends who really only like to see wellness & recipes and I have others that love work-related topics and motivation. My hope is that you will find so much value in all of the topics I want to share about! I hope and pray that this little space on the internet will inspire you in life, in relationships, in fashion, and in health. I hope you will see this blog as a one-stop hub to elevate your lifestyle and encourage you in your everyday life. 

Are you sticking around?! I would love for you to be on this journey with me and I would love to hear what you are most excited to read about in my upcoming posts! Write me a comment and share your thoughts!! 

Your friend,


10 Easy Ways to Practice Self-Care

Hey, friends! Today I want to talk a little bit more about self-care, why it's important, and how to easily implement it into your daily routine! The topic of "self-care" is really popular right now and for good reason, it is so important to take care of yourself! In this age of hustle and bustle and the glorification of "busyness", it's so important to not lose sight on the most important thing, your health. 

From experience, I have learned that I can only love and serve others if I have loved myself first. This is not in a selfish way AT ALL, but it's in a way of treating myself with love and care so that I can love and care for others fully! 

I am naturally a people pleaser and I HATE saying "no" and so that is the hardest part for me in practicing self-care. I also love my people a lot. My family and my friends have my whole heart and when they need me, I will legitimately put my entire life aside to be there for them. I know that this is a good quality, but I have learned that I need to create healthy boundaries around my heart because oftentimes, I will take responsibility for things I shouldn't take responsibility for. I will also take in the emotions of those I love. If a loved one is hurting, I am hurting. It can make for an emotional roller coaster for me and so I have been learning how to love others in a way that is authentic but not debilitating to my emotions. I'm not sure if that makes sense to any of you but this is just something I am currently learning about myself in this season of life and so maybe some of you can relate! 

Anyways, back to self-care... I want make self-care simple. Self-care doesn't have to be an extensive list of to-do's, expensive, or extremely time consuming. Self-care can be 15 minutes of reading your favorite book or a five minute walk around the block. This week I am challenging myself to practice self-care in the form of unplugging. I know how freeing it can be to log-off Instagram or Facebook for a bit and so the week my goal is to "unplug" a couple hours a day. This may not sound like much for many of you, but for someone who works online, this can be life changing! 

I made this list of ways you can practice simple forms of self-care. I hope that it resonates with you and encourages you to spend some moments for yourself each and every day! 




Keeping a healthy lifestyle while traveling

Hey friends! Hope you all are doing well. I've been busy, busy, busy getting ready to head back to the mainland for a couple of weeks. I've been running errands, planning out our trip, and finishing work projects so that I am able to relax a bit while I'm away! I am not one of those people that can just pick up and go somewhere- I like to have a plan. When I travel, I make it a priority to continue living a healthy lifestyle because nothing is worse than coming back from a trip completely exhausted, and snug in all your clothes! 

Since this is the time of year where people are packing up and taking road trips, visiting family, and checking travel locations off their bucket list, I thought I would share my travel tips on how I stay healthy even while traveling and being outside of my normal routine! 

*These tips may seem kind of extreme to some of you who are more "go with the flow" types of people, and I envy you if you are like that! My body does not handle traveling well, AT ALL. I have had to do all of these things out of necessity because if not, I usually end up getting sick. I have found that if I stick to a routine, take care of myself, and commit to being healthy while I'm vacation, I come home refreshed and revitalized, not exhausted and sick! 

1. Strive to keep a morning routine

 I am my best when I stick to a morning routine! Even if my daily plans are uncertain, if I can keep a simple morning routine, I know that I will feel healthier, be more energized and my body will handle the stress of traveling better.  I try to take some time every morning to read, journal, and fuel my body with a ton of nutrients. The biggest way I do that is to bring my vitamins, supplements, and other easy-to-pack ingredients with me so that I can make matcha lattes and smoothies in the mornings! I They sell individual packets of collagen peptides and coconut butter now and so it makes it so easy to keep some of my favorite things on hand while I travel! I know that some mornings I won't be able to keep up and that is okay! But just striving to keep a morning routine helps me stay on track for the rest of the day. 

2. Show yourself some TLC before the trip

Before a trip, I try to take a couple days before I leave to take care of myself, build up my immune system, and organize my home so that I feel centered and not stressed while I'm away. I will sometimes schedule a facial or a massage, I do a bentonite clay detox on my feet, I make sure I have plenty of sleep, and I take extra Vitamin C supplements so that I will have a strong immune system for the plane flight. I also give myself PLENTY of time to pack so I'm not running around like a crazy person right before I have to goto the airport. Traveling and vacation are supposed to bring JOY and there's nothing that sucks out the joy in things more than stress and so I try to keep excess stress away at all costs! 

3. Don't overbook yourself and allow yourself to naturally adjust with the timezone

This is a huge mistake I used to make! I am the type of person that likes to seize the day and not waste any time and so I used to book all my trips up by the minute as soon as I arrived at my destination. What I failed to take into consideration, though, was that I wasn't letting myself adjust to the time change, which meant I wasn't getting very much sleep. Oftentimes, this would lead me to get sick a few days into my trip because I was exhausted and sleep deprived. You can't seize the day when you are exhausted and sick! Now, I plan ahead and give myself plenty of buffer in case I need to sleep in or go-to bed earlier. 

Ex: I'll be in California for two weeks and so for the first week I am there, I am not scheduling anything before 11am because Hawaii is three hours behind California and so if I schedule a breakfast date at 8am, thats 5am Hawaii time! Instead, I am going to allow myself to sleep in so that I am rested and able to do more in the long run! 

4. Be prepared with healthy snacks at all times

This is a big one. There is nothing like being in a new place and not having any food on you when hunger hits. My favorite snacks to bring on trips are raw nuts or almond butter! I also always bring  vegan meal replacement shakes with me In case I'm on the run and need a quick protein boost! 

5. Move your body and STRETCH every day!

Oftentimes when you travel, you are walking a lot. It is super important to keep moving your body but also to make time to stretch! Long flights and car rides can cause stress and tension on the body and so it is important to stretch it out! Just google a simple stretching or yoga video on YouTube and spend 10 minutes for yourself. Your body will thank you! 

Those are all my best travel tips! Obviously there are plenty of more that I could add but these are my tried & true methods for keeping up a healthy lifestyle even while traveling. I hope they help keep you healthy, happy, and balanced on all of your travels this Summer!! Comment below with where you will be traveling to this summer! I'd love to know! 


Live Well,


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