September Intentions & Bucket List


Can you believe it's already September?! Like WOAH. I keep thinking its still the beginning of August! This month is a super busy month for us as I will be gone the majority of the month and my company's biggest event of the year is next week! I am excited to be going back to California for most of September and the beginning of October so that I can hopefully catch a little bit of the "fall" feeling! There is no Fall in Hawaii and so I'm hoping to catch some colder weather while I'm back on the mainland! 

Because I know how crazy busy I am going to be over this next month, it was hard for me to think of specific intentions and a bucket list to focus on this month. I am a creature of habit and I love routine and so the fact that I won't have a routine for most of this month is kinda stressful for me! I'm trying to simplify my life in as many ways as I can right now and so most of my intentions and bucket list items go along with that theme! 

1. Focus on what's most important: I think a lot of times when I go back to the mainland, I try to fit in everything I possibly can during my visit and I'm just kinda over doing that. I'd rather focus on whats most important and that is spending time with my family, friends, and my local R+F team in the area. I really want to take out the clutter and just focus on what really matters this month and that is the amazing people in my life. 

2. Busy does not mean productive: I'm really trying to focus on a few important projects this month rather than a bunch of random projects. Writing my book has taught me that in order to do anything to its full potential, you have to create margin in your life. This month I am going to focus on being less busy but more intentional and mindful with how I am spending my time. My main priorities this month are to spend time with those I love, build my skincare business, and focus on finishing my book!

3. Quality over quantity: I feel like I'm a total broken record over here but, in all areas of my life, especially with my wardrobe, I am craving to simplify. I am craving to minimize my wardrobe even more than I already have. Recently I have been more and more drawn to the capsule wardrobe idea and so since I will be gone for about a month, I am going to try having a capsule wardrobe on my trip! Instead of packing as many things as I possibly can, I am going to be mindful about a few great pieces that I know I will wear many times on my trip. I'll be doing a packing capsule blog post soon and so stay-tuned for that! 

4. Meet a cast member from Southern Charm: I'm heading to Charleston later this month and so you better believe I'm going to be on the hunt to find cast members from my favorite show!

5. Try out 10 new coffee shops: In between Southern California, North Carolina, and South Carolina I am going to have so many cute coffee shops and cafe's I will want to try out! I think thats one of the things I am most looking forward to on this trip! hehe

6. Continue to Insta-fast one day a week. August was the first month that I tried this out and I absolutely loved it. Taking 24 hours off instagram was so rejuvenating for me since I pretty much spend my whole day on social media to work. I am definitely going to take this same habit into September and I may even do a longer Instagram fast too!

I would love to know what one of your intentions is for the month of September! Comment below what you are most looking forward to this month! 



5 ways to get out of a personal or professional funk


If you are anything like me, its hard to stay motivated ALL of the time. Lets face it, we are human and sometimes we may find ourselves in a funk or a rut that is hard to shake. Because I work from home, it's super easy to get into seasons where I don't feel as motivated or the passion for my career is hard to find. There are definitely times when I don't FEEL like working or going after my dreams. There are also times when I get down on myself for personal issues. We aren't perfect and things will come up! Life happens. We all have those days where it seems like everything is going wrong and we aren't happy with where we are at.

I want you to know something...

If you are in a lull season or even just having a tough week, let me tell you a secret, YOU WILL BE OKAY. We all get into a rut sometimes and its very normal to have a rough day every once in awhile. It's important though that whenever you are facing a personal or professional rut, that you work to grow yourself so you don't stay in that rut forever!!

*I feel like it is important to say that being in a personal funk or professional rut is different than suffering from anxiety or depression-if you feel like you are facing something more than occasional mood swings, you should seek professional help. If you want to read about my journey through debilitating anxiety, you can read that here.

When I am in a funk, there are a few things I do that help get me back on track! 

1. Process how you are feeling:

Oftentimes when I am feeling down and out, its really because I am feeling overwhelmed. Sometimes there can be so many ideas, to-do's, or projects swimming around in my mind that it can be hard to feel grounded. The very first thing I do when I am in a funk is journal out all of my feelings! I write out EXACTLY how I feel and I do my best to try to figure out WHY I'm feeling that way. I've found that oftentimes, the things we perceive as insurmountable in our heads are actually pretty trivial when you put them down on paper. I like to do a "brain dump" and literally list out every single possible thing that I need to do or accomplish. This helps me to clear my mind and refocus on the present.

2. Give yourself a mental vacation & do something creative:

After a good brain dump, give yourself a mental vacation! Remove yourself from your normal day-too-day and do something to give yourself a reset. For example, if you work from home, go on a spontaneous adventure to somewhere outside of your norm for an hour! If you work full-time, ditch the gym after work and go on a hike or bike ride. If you are a student, step on the brakes with studying and instead spend an hour painting or doing something creative. 

When you can remove yourself from your normal day-to-day routine, you allow your brain to reset and process. Oftentimes when I do something to intentionally go on a mental vacation, I come back feeling so refreshed and rejuvenated that I WANT to start working towards my goals again. 

3. Tune into personal development:

If you are still not feeling inspired after step two, it's time to dive into personal development! There's nothing that fires me up like a personal development book or an inspiring podcast! I will link my all-time favorite personal development books down below but some of my favorite podcasts to listen to are: The Goal Diggers Podcast, Rise Podcast, or Second Life Podcast! There's few things I love more than going on a long walk and listening to a podcast! 

4. Write out possible solutions to the problem you are facing:

After completing steps 1-3, you should be feeling pretty good! Now is the time to problem solve any potential triggers or issues that could be causing your stress or "funk". Is there a toxic relationship in your life? Are you always finding yourself overwhelmed because you don't know how to manage your time? Is there a personal insecurity that is keeping you from the next level? Asking yourself these types of questions and then creating an action plan to find a solution is one of the best ways that you can move on from the rut you are in and begin chasing your dreams again! 

5. Set daily small & achievable goals to get you back on track:

At this point, you should be feeling pretty good about yourself! You have reflected, rested, re-gained clarity, & problem solved! Now is the time to put your reflections to ACTION! What is one thing that you can do TODAY to make your life better? Maybe it will be to call an old friend to reconcile a broken relationship. Maybe it's choosing healthier eating habits. Maybe it's completing specific tasks that is going to move the needle in your business. Whatever small goals you have, create new habits to help you achieve those goals to improve your life and just DO them! It doesn't have to be anything drastic or life-changing but I'm a believer that developing small habits each and every day have the power to create massive change in your life. 

I really hope that these tips help you problem solve and gain clarity so that you can truly live the life & calling you were meant to! I believe that we are ALL called to do great things with our lives and so don't let a funk get in the way of you being your BEST self!!

All my love,



My Favorite Personal Development books: 

August Bucket List & Intentions


Happy August! I can't believe the last month of the Summer is already here! Summer has gone by way too fast for me but I'd be lying to say that I wasn't excited for a new season. Fall is my absolute favorite season of the year! There's something about Fall that reminds me of new beginnings & possibilities. Okay, now I'm getting carried away... lets talk about August! 

I've decided to start a new series on the blog and share my "bucket list" and intentions each month! I wanted to call it a bucket list because I want to add things that make me go outside of my comfort zone and be intentional! I added some things to my list that I have wanted to do since I moved to Hawaii and so this month I am being intentional about making them happen! 

A big theme in August for me is intentional. I want to be intentional about my work, my possessions, my friends, my money, etc. This month I want to step back from the hustle, bustle, clutter, and noise to gain clarity and stay focused on my priorities. 

1. Log off all social media every Friday night to Saturday night

This is probably the most important intention I have this month. I LOVE social media but recently it has cluttered my mind and brought too much excess "noise" into my life. I have found that I am most creative when I have time to let my mind wander and so I am committing to a social media free 24 hours every week to give myself time to reflect! It may seem like nothing to you but for someone who works completely online, 24 hours away is HUGE! 

2. Read 30 minutes a day

One thing that I have slacked on in July is reading! I feel the most inspired when I am constantly reading and so I am committing to taking a work break and reading 30 minutes a day even if I have a million things on my to-do list! 

3. Snorkel at Sharks Cove

One thing that has been on my Hawaii list since I moved here is to snorkel at a popular free diving spot outside of Sharks Cove in North Shore Oahu! I'm determined to make it happen this month though because there are no waves this time of year so the water is perfect for snorkeling! 

4. Invest time into new friendships

I have made some amazing friends in our new home but there are still so many people I have met here that I would love to get to know better! This month I want to intentionally plan coffee dates and beach days to deepen friendships and get to know new friends better.

5. Buy Nothing

I would be lying to say that this won't be a hard one for me. If you know me, you know I love to shop! Since I am working on being more intentional with my possessions, I want to spend the month de-cluttering and minimizing things that don't bring me joy and so I am going to make it a goal to buy nothing as it comes to clothes, shoes, etc! The only exception to that will be when I host a Noonday trunk show for a friend later this month! ;)

6. Surf on the South side 

One of the things that my husband has been trying to get me to do since forever is to surf the South shore of Oahu. I have only surfed at one spot on North Shore and I am super timid to go surfing anywhere else! I know that I need to get out of my comfort zone and just DO IT, though, so I'm aiming to cross it off my list this month!

7. Eat greens in every meal

Eating leafy greens is SO important for your health and it's sometimes easy to go an entire day without those amazing nutrients! This month I am aiming to eat some type of leafy greens for each meal, every day. I plan to put spinach into my smoothies every morning and then add greens into salads at lunch and steamed for dinner. 

8. Create a Capsule Wardrobe

I have been watching and observing the capsule wardrobe life for years and have never tried it out myself! Since I am aiming to be more intentional in every area, I want to try out a capsule wardrobe and see what I think of it! Would you want me to write a blog post on my experience? Let me know in the comments! 

Thats it! Those are my intentions, goals, and bucket list experiences I want to accomplish in August! I want to encourage you to make your own bucket list & intentions! Share one of them in the comments below- I would love to know what you are aiming to focus on next month! 





How Setting Goals Will Change Your Life


Many of you may know this but I lead a team of over 200 skincare consultations for a living. It is the best job I could have ever picked for myself and I am honored to be able to grow such an amazing team of micro-entrepreneurs! One of the biggest topics we talk about as a team is setting GOALS and so I thought I would share my philosophy on goal-setting here and how it can truly change your life. 

Let’s start with at the beginning. 

A goal is a dream or wish you PLAN to attain. Notice my verbiage there. A goal is not something you WISH to attain, it’s something you PLAN for. A goal is something that takes planning and preparation. I think a lot of times we get our aspirations and our goals mixed up. For example, stating that you would like to run a marathon is an aspiration; actually training for that marathon, is a goal. 

I think a lot of people think that they have goals, but they really just have aspirations. Dreaming and aspiring to do great things really is awesome… until those things never happen because you lack preparation and planning. Through owning a business and building a lifestyle brand, I have learned the power of goal-setting. There truly is so much power in writing out your goals and working hard to achieve them! 

I explain goals to my team in this way: If you don’t have goals, you are like a fish swimming in a fish bowl. You may swim round and round and round but you will never really get anywhere. When you have goals for yourself/business/family/ etc. you are like a fish in the ocean. You have SO much more opportunity ahead of you because you have a road map. 

Setting goals for your life can be simple, they don’t have to be extreme. Simply setting a goal to drink more water is a great place to start… And then actually come up with a game plan on how you are going to drink more water. ;)

Below I have my fool-proof goal-setting strategy. If you set these parameters around your goals, I truly believe you are setting yourself up for future success! 



This is my system on how I effectively set goals: 

1.    Write out what you would like to achieve, get better at, accomplish, or excel at in life

2.    Write out what you are already doing to achieve your goal

3.    Write out what you could be doing BETTER to achieve, accomplish, or excel at your goal

4.    Plan out specific times in your calendar that you will be working towards achieving your goal

5.    Lastly, give yourself a time limit on how long it should take for you to achieve your goal 

When you set goals this way, you are planning for success. You aren’t leaving your goals up to chance or luck, you are MAKING THEM HAPPEN with your action! This is how goals can be truly life-changing!

Obviously, things don’t always go as planned and so if you don’t reach out goal at your allotted time, don’t beat yourself up about it! The most important thing is that you are working towards what you want to achieve in life. If your goals are worth it enough to you, you will do what it takes to achieve them! Remember, effective goal planning is only the first step. After you make your goals, it’s time to turn your plans into ACTION! 

It’s time to RUN after your dreams! I truly believe that you can create massive change in your life by setting goals & working hard to achieve them! 

Comment on this post and share one of your goals with the community! Let’s all help motivate each other to effectively plan and reach our goals!!


Your friend,




Life Update: My thoughts & new direction on Live Well With Lo



I am SO ECSTATIC to be launching my new site! This has been a long time comimg and I just wanted to take a moment to share my heart on this launch, where the blog is headed, and what the future of Live Well With Lo holds. 

Where do I even begin?! Well, I have been blogging since high school and I’ve started and stopped too many blogs to count. I have had photography blogs, Christian blogs, personal blogs, fashion blogs… you name it, I’ve done it. I LOVE sharing my heart with the world because I truly think that when we share our lives, we are able to inspire others. I get SO inspired by reading blogs and following people I admire online. 

The problem I have always faced with blogging is that I get bored of just writing about one thing. One of my biggest strengths ( & weaknesses) is that I am extremely multi-faceted. I am passionate about SO MANY things. In an ideal world, I would be able to write about cooking, holistic health, self-care, fashion, faith-based content, relationship advice, productivity, motivation in the workplace, and everything else in between. I love to share what I’m passionate about and while sometimes that stays the same, my interests also change as I continue to grow as a person. 

Basically, since I have started which is now, I’ve struggled with the identity of the blog. What are my main categories? How do I stay on topic but also share what I am really going through in life? How do I maintain a cohesive brand when I want to share ALL THE THINGS?!

-Insert Epiphany-

I don’t have to be like anyone else. I don’t have to have a food blog or a fashion blog or only do health coaching. I don’t have to talk about the same thing all the time. I am allowed to grow. I love seeing what other people love and so I realized that it’s okay for me to share what I love with the world even if it is always evolving.

I am so excited about my new site re-build because it has all the functions I need to be able to talk about anything and everything! On the blog you will now be able to find specific topics much easier and as I keep adding more categories, the content produced on here will become even more diverse! 

I realize that there is a big risk involved in shifting my branding to have an all-inclusive focus. I know I have many friends who really only like to see wellness & recipes and I have others that love work-related topics and motivation. My hope is that you will find so much value in all of the topics I want to share about! I hope and pray that this little space on the internet will inspire you in life, in relationships, in fashion, and in health. I hope you will see this blog as a one-stop hub to elevate your lifestyle and encourage you in your everyday life. 

Are you sticking around?! I would love for you to be on this journey with me and I would love to hear what you are most excited to read about in my upcoming posts! Write me a comment and share your thoughts!! 

Your friend,