September Intentions & Bucket List


Can you believe it's already September?! Like WOAH. I keep thinking its still the beginning of August! This month is a super busy month for us as I will be gone the majority of the month and my company's biggest event of the year is next week! I am excited to be going back to California for most of September and the beginning of October so that I can hopefully catch a little bit of the "fall" feeling! There is no Fall in Hawaii and so I'm hoping to catch some colder weather while I'm back on the mainland! 

Because I know how crazy busy I am going to be over this next month, it was hard for me to think of specific intentions and a bucket list to focus on this month. I am a creature of habit and I love routine and so the fact that I won't have a routine for most of this month is kinda stressful for me! I'm trying to simplify my life in as many ways as I can right now and so most of my intentions and bucket list items go along with that theme! 

1. Focus on what's most important: I think a lot of times when I go back to the mainland, I try to fit in everything I possibly can during my visit and I'm just kinda over doing that. I'd rather focus on whats most important and that is spending time with my family, friends, and my local R+F team in the area. I really want to take out the clutter and just focus on what really matters this month and that is the amazing people in my life. 

2. Busy does not mean productive: I'm really trying to focus on a few important projects this month rather than a bunch of random projects. Writing my book has taught me that in order to do anything to its full potential, you have to create margin in your life. This month I am going to focus on being less busy but more intentional and mindful with how I am spending my time. My main priorities this month are to spend time with those I love, build my skincare business, and focus on finishing my book!

3. Quality over quantity: I feel like I'm a total broken record over here but, in all areas of my life, especially with my wardrobe, I am craving to simplify. I am craving to minimize my wardrobe even more than I already have. Recently I have been more and more drawn to the capsule wardrobe idea and so since I will be gone for about a month, I am going to try having a capsule wardrobe on my trip! Instead of packing as many things as I possibly can, I am going to be mindful about a few great pieces that I know I will wear many times on my trip. I'll be doing a packing capsule blog post soon and so stay-tuned for that! 

4. Meet a cast member from Southern Charm: I'm heading to Charleston later this month and so you better believe I'm going to be on the hunt to find cast members from my favorite show!

5. Try out 10 new coffee shops: In between Southern California, North Carolina, and South Carolina I am going to have so many cute coffee shops and cafe's I will want to try out! I think thats one of the things I am most looking forward to on this trip! hehe

6. Continue to Insta-fast one day a week. August was the first month that I tried this out and I absolutely loved it. Taking 24 hours off instagram was so rejuvenating for me since I pretty much spend my whole day on social media to work. I am definitely going to take this same habit into September and I may even do a longer Instagram fast too!

I would love to know what one of your intentions is for the month of September! Comment below what you are most looking forward to this month! 



Intentional Living


Something that I have really tried to focus on recently is living intentionally in all areas of life.  The past six months have been a busy whirlwind of travels, events, business growth, and new projects but lately have been feeling the urge to step back and really think about what my values are, what is most important, and how I can spend my time not just crossing things off my to-do list but actually focusing intentionally on the few things that matter most. 

It's funny that I picked today to write this post because I am actually in the process of preparing for a hurricane to hit the Hawaiian Islands later this week! There's nothing like preparing for a natural disaster to make yourself focus on the things that truly matter the most. 

Intentional living can truly have so many different meanings. For some people it has to do with finances and possessions and for others it relates to goals and ideals. For me, its a little bit of both. 

This month I spent some time going through my closet and getting rid of a ton of clothing items that I wasn't in love with. There have been so many times where I have purchased something just for a specific event or just because it was "trendy" and everyone was wearing it only to realize that I don't actually love it. This month I have really been trying to hone in on what my personal style truly is and so I can avoid those types of purchases and only get things I really love and will wear over and over again. 

I also have been keeping track on how I spend my time and I've been trying to be really intentional about what I say yes to and what I say no to. I really been trying to distinguish the difference between my strongest desires with my deepest desires. 

Your strongest desires are the things on your to-do list, the stuff you feel pressure to get done and the responsibilities on your plate. My strongest desires are cleaning, cooking, housework, social media, managing my skincare team, etc.

Your deepest desires are the things that truly light you up inside but oftentimes get put on the back burner. My deepest desires are writing, empowering female entrepreneurs, working one on one to help people find solutions for their skin, reading, etc. 

Most days it is so hard for me to distinguish between my desires. Oftentimes, my to-do list wins over my deepest desires. I'm trying to be really intentional about this, though, and focusing on how I can incorporate my deepest desires In every day life. 

Lastly, I want to live intentionally with how present I am. I am scatter-brained about 99% of the time and there's always a million ideas swirling through my head. I really want to focus on being more in the moment and present with the people I am with. I have been focussing on putting my phone down more and really being present. here. right now. 

I would love to know your thoughts on intentional living and how you try to live intentionally in your daily life! What is an area that you are aiming to be more intentional in?